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TPPs have to authenticate towards the ASPSP/Bank PSD2 APIs using certificates and (in some cases) TPP credentials.

finAPI Access supports the following two authentication scenarios:

  • NCA (BaFin/FMA) licenced AISP/PISP can upload their certificates and credentials to finAPI Access and access PSD2 APIs using their own certificates and credentials

  • unlicenced clients that use the finAPI PSD2-Licence/Web Form can access PSD2 APIs using the finAPI certificates and credentials

For a detailed description on how you can access PSD2 APIs as a licenced TPP, please refer to the following pages:

For e detailed description on how you can access PSD2 APIs as an unlicenced finAPI client, please refer to the following page:



This page is now deprecated. We urge you to check out our new Access Public Documentation that we recently published instead, which covers all state-of-the-art information of our products.

Note: due to overall restructuring for our new Access Public Documentation, there might not be a corresponding page with the exact same content like this deprecated page in our new documentation. However, we make sure to already cover all information you need, including this content, in our new documentation.