Scope of the PSD2 APIs

  • Will the account holder name be available via the PSD2 / XS2A APIs?
    • While most banks deliver the account holder name via XS2A API already, providing this information is optional.

FinTS interim fallback (DE)

  • In what way is the 90 days history download limit related to FinTS SCA?
    • We introduced the 90 day download limit for every customer in order to avoid massive amounts of 2nd factor requests. These requests are triggered by some banks if a transaction history longer than 89 days is requested, which is usually the case for a bank connection import.
  • Our app is ready for strong customer authentication (SCA), can you switch off the 90 days download limit for our app?
    • Yes, the limit can be switched off for each customer separately. Please contact the finAPI support at

Web scraping interim fallback (AT)


  • How can I test FinTS SCA?
    • You can use the built-in bank with BLZ "TESTBANK". For more information follow this link.


  • For how much longer can we continue to use FinTS?
    • Once a bank has entered the market probation phase (controlled by BaFin - more information can be found here), it has three months to prove that it is stable. After this period, you are no longer allowed to download payment accounts via FinTS. You can still download other accounts via finTS, like savings accounts, security accounts etc.
  • Do I have to create new interfaces or will finAPI Access do that for me?
    • New XS2A interfaces have to be connected explicitly by you, by calling the "connect Interface" service.

Usage of finAPI Access PSD2

  • How do I use the new XS2A interfaces?
  • How do I update an XS2A interface?
    • Use the updateBankConnection service with "XS2A" as interface parameter.
  • Do I have to update every interface separately?
    • Yes
  • Do I have to change credentials for each interface separately?
    • Yes, since the credentials for each interface can be different, they have to be changed separately.
  • A bank account has two interfaces. What should I do?
    • Ideally, you should update only one interface. If the previous interface (e.g. FinTS) contains accounts that you didn't receive via XS2A, you should keep the previous interface. If you need accounts other than checking accounts in the bank connection, you can keep all interfaces and update an account only via the interface that is required.

PSD2 licence and web form usage of XS2A interfaces

  • Do I have to make any changes to my client app to be able to use the new XS2A interfaces?
    • To use the new XS2A interfaces, you have to explicitly refer to them when calling the Import/Connect/Update services.

Money transfer for accounts with XS2A-interface

  • Can I make a money transfer for accounts with XS2A-interface?
    • Yes, as long as the bank supports SEPA money transfer via this interface. If this is not the case, the bank connection has to be connected additionally to the FINTS or web scraping interface (service "Connect a new interface") in order to use the create and execute payment services.