finAPI Access PSD2 Migration Plan

PSD2 requirements

On Sept. 14, the EBA RTS related to PSD2 become effective and the following requirements have to be fulfilled by finAPI Access:

  • Payment accounts in general must only be accessed through dedicated ASPSP interfaces (APIs) that fulfill the requirements of EBA
  • In case an ASPSP does not provide an API that fulfills EBA requirements, TPPs like finAPI must use the Fallback according to EBA requirements. 
  • BaFin has granted an exception that for 6 weeks after Sept. 14 the continued usage of FinTS interfaces will not be penalized by BaFin
  • For Austria, FMA has not granted an exception. So either PSD2 APIs or EBA fallbacks have to be used and if neither of them is available, the existing interface must be switched off until either one of them is available.
  • For Czech Republic and Slovakia no exception is known to finAPI.

Schedule of changes in finAPI Access

In preparation to the changed requirements, finAPI has developed finAPI Access PSD2, which accounts for the PSD2 requirements in the following ways and is rolled out in the following steps

DateProduction MilestoneAlpha Milestone
Since June
finAPI Access PSD2 Alpha to allows customers to adapt their clients to the new PSD2 services
Sept. 4

Production Release of finAPI Access PSD2 (v1.79.0)

  • the PSD2-enabled API that has been made available as Alpha version previously (no XS2A interfaces released yet, no XS2A payment services yet)
  • Continued used of FinTS
  • SCA capability for FinTS
  • Automatic disabling of batch updates if FinTS SCA is required by a bank
  • Option to enable XS2A services per mandator and per bank
  • Option to remove the limit of 90 days history download per mandator

After Sept. 4

  • Release of finAPI Access PSD2 Alpha
    • Extended set of XS2A interfaces enabled
    • XS2A PIS services
Sept. 11

Production Release of finAPI Access PSD2 (v1.80.0)

  • Available* Productive and stable XS2A AIS interfaces (DE, AT, CZ, SK)

Until end of 2019
  • Consolidation of SCA migration for FinTS and Scrapers
  • Rollout of XS2A AIS Services: 90% market coverage with XS2A AIS interfaces

Until end of february 2020
  • Step-by-step migration of remaining ASPSP to XS2A (AIS)
  • Step-by-step migration of all customers to XS2A (AIS)
  • 90% market coverage of XS2A interfaces (PIS)
  • Step-by-step optional migration of customers to XS2A (PIS)

Until end of March 2020
  • Step-by-step migration of remaining ASPSP to XS2A (PIS)
  • Step-by-step migration of all customers to XS2A (PIS)

* thus far, only a subset of bank APIs has actually been available and in a bug-free, stable state.